OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Project Management

OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Project Management offers a comprehensive and advanced program designed to equip aspiring professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their careers.

Understanding OTHM:

The Organization for Tourism and Hospitality Management (OTHM) is an internationally recognized awarding organization based in the United Kingdom. OTHM’s Level 7 Diploma in Project Management is accredited by Ofqual (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) in England, thereby ensuring the diploma’s credibility and value in the global job market.

The Level 7 Diploma in Project Management is a postgraduate-level qualification that enables individuals to develop their expertise and competence in managing complex projects. The program is open to individuals with prior project management experience or those seeking to transition into this field from related professions.

Curriculum Overview:

The OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Project Management provides a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of various project management principles, methodologies, and techniques. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics essential for successful project execution, such as:

  1. Project Initiation and Planning: This module focuses on the initial stages of project development, including project identification, feasibility analysis, and defining project objectives. Students will learn how to create a detailed project plan encompassing timelines, resources, and risk assessments.
  2. Project Execution and Control: This module delves into the implementation phase of projects, emphasizing effective project monitoring, controlling deviations, and ensuring that project activities align with the defined plan.
  3. Risk Management: Understanding and managing risks is crucial for project success. This module equips students with the skills to identify potential risks, assess their impact, and devise appropriate mitigation strategies.
  4. Stakeholder Management: Projects involve various stakeholders with diverse interests. This module explores techniques to engage and communicate with stakeholders effectively, ensuring their support and satisfaction throughout the project lifecycle.
  5. Leadership and Team Management: Successful project managers are also effective leaders. This segment focuses on developing leadership qualities and effective team management skills.
  6. Project Closure and Evaluation: Proper project closure is essential for capturing lessons learned and assessing project success. This module covers the necessary steps for project closure and evaluation.

Benefits of OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Project Management:

  1. Industry Recognition: OTHM’s global recognition ensures that graduates of the Level 7 Diploma are highly sought after by employers worldwide, increasing their employability and career prospects.
  2. Enhanced Career Opportunities: The diploma equips individuals with the skills and knowledge to take on challenging project management roles across diverse industries, including IT, construction, healthcare, and finance.
  3. Confidence and Competence: Graduates are equipped with the confidence and competence to handle complex projects efficiently, making them valuable assets to any organization.
  4. Networking Opportunities: During the course, students have the chance to interact with fellow professionals, creating valuable networks for future collaborations and career growth.

Entry requirements:

For entry onto the OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Project Management qualification, learners must possess:

  • An honours degree in related subject or UK level 6 diploma or an equivalent overseas qualification
  • Mature learners with management experience (learners must check with the delivery centre regarding this experience prior to registering for the programme)
  • Learners must be 21 years or older at the beginning of the course
  • English requirements: If a learner is not from a majority English-speaking country must provide evidence of English language competency.


The OTHM Level 7 diplomas on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) are at the same level as master’s degrees. However, they are shorter (120 credits) and learners will have to proceed to the dissertation stage (60 credits) with university to achieve a full masters programme.

Qualification structure:

The OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Project Management qualification consists of 5 mandatory units for a combined total of 120 credits, 1200 hours Total Qualification Time (TQT) and 480 Guided Learning Hours (GLH) for the completed qualification.

Mandatory units:

  • Planning, Controlling and Leading a Project (30 credits)
  • Procurement Risk and Contract Management (30 credits)
  • Advanced Project and Logistics Management (20 credits)
  • Operations and Information Management for Project Managers (20 credits)
  • Advanced Research Methods (20 credits)


The OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Project Management is a prestigious qualification that empowers individuals to thrive in the dynamic world of project management. With a well-rounded curriculum, expert instructors, and industry recognition, the diploma provides a solid foundation for successful careers in project management across the globe. Whether you are an experienced project manager looking to elevate your skills or an aspiring professional seeking to enter this rewarding field, the OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Project Management is a path worth considering to achieve your ambitions and make a lasting impact on the projects you undertake.

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