About us


Provide certified skilled Work Force & promote Competency Based Training for economic development in the Country. To enhance global competitiveness in Pakistan, through a quality and productive workforce by developing demand driven, standardized, dynamic and integrated technical education.To provide students with well-rounded experience for an all-round development of personality. To continue to strive for excellence in research and development of new technologies and techniques. To be of practical value to the industry in particular and to the society in general. To engage all the segments of the society so that communal position of educational institutional could be leveraged and developed for the betterment and development of community, country and all humanity.”


Provide quality Assessment and well recognized Certification, and facilitate Competency Based Training as per employer/Industry needs.International College of technical College will strive to become a leading and a unique institution of Technical learning, offering state-of-the-art education, training in technology, management Health & Safety and societal development.We do believe in providing a value for money service and we have no hidden costs, no extras to pay and all of our costs. We do believe that everyone should have access to training which is why we offer the most reasonable payment plans.”

Courses We Offer:

We offer courses for beginners and advanced studies, as well as beginner’s courses for youth, who are currently unemployed and not participating in training or education programs.